Communicating Online

A three-hour seminar on how businesses can utilise social and other digital channels

Companies now utilise digital channels and social media to talk directly to their stakeholders. How has that changed the role of people working in communications? What digital tools and social media are best for reaching what kinds of people? What content engages what kinds of audiences? And what exactly is search engine optimisation? We’ll give you lots of tips and advice about communicating online.


• A beginner’s guide to the digital communications toolkit.

• An overview of the key social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Linked-In.

• An overview of a company’s wider online presence, including tips on websites, intranets, mailing lists and SEO.

• The eight ways social media and digital channels impact on companies and their communicators.

• Some top tips on content and copyright.


• Anyone working in PR looking for a beginner’s guide to online communications and the tools available to companies today.

This course is led by Chris Cooke, a business journalist, media entrepreneur and communications expert who has been writing about and advising on the media industries for two decades. Chris provides training and consultancy via Media Insights and is also a key trainer for the Taylor Bennett Foundation.

We run our training courses in-house for companies and organisations. Each course can be delivered as either an interactive seminar or webinar for a small group or a lecture for a larger group. We can also adapt courses to suit a client’s specific requirements.

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