Media Insights Lectures

Media Insights at the TBF Summer Stars Lecture Series

Chris Cooke from Media Insights will present four lectures as part of the Taylor Bennett Foundation’s Summer Stars lecture series at the London College Of Communication in June 2017.

This programme is aimed at participants in the TBF Summer Stars work placement programme, but tickets are also available to people working in PR looking for an overview of best practice and current trends in the PR, communication and media industries.

All profits got to fund the work of TBF and attendees will be eligible for CIPR or PRCA CPD points.

Communicating What to Whom? | Monday 25 Jun | 14.00-15.30
A beginners guide to the PR sector. Who in a big company has a communications role? Where does PR fit in alongside advertising, marketing and sales? What are the different strands of PR? And why do some PR disciplines not call themselves ‘PR’? We’ll answer all these questions as we explore the wider communications industry.

After completing the session you should be able to:
• Identify a company’s stakeholders and who in the business will most likely manage those relationships.
• Understand the difference between advertising, marketing and PR.
• Understand the difference between the various strands of PR and corporate communications.
• Identify the different strands of the PR business and the terminology they prefer.


The Business Of News with Chris Cooke | Tuesday 26 Jun | 14.00-17.30
Who are big news providers in the UK – in print, online and on air? Given all the newspapers have seen their circulations slump, why are the traditional dailies still so influential? Who are the big news providers online? How does the business of news differ when the content is printed, broadcast or distributed online? And what does that mean for PR people talking to editors and journalists at these different news organisations?

After completing this session you should be able to:
• Identify the key news providers in the UK, including print, online and broadcast.
• Understand the difference between print, online and broadcast news in terms of content and how its is produced.
• Discuss the target audiences, political agendas and editorial priorities of the key news providers.
• Identify who different PR disciplines are seeking to influence at the UK news providers.


The Changing Media Landscape | Wednesday 27 Jun | 14.00-17.00
The rise of digital channels and social networks has had a huge impact on the media industry. Many traditional newspapers and magazines are now talking to more people than ever before, but most are struggling to make a profit. Meanwhile online anyone can become a publisher or a broadcaster, but how influential can a blogger or YouTuber really become? We look at how media has changed and is changing, and what that means for the PR people seeking to influence the influencers in the media business.

After completing this session you should be able to:
• Discuss the recent changes that have occurred in the UK media business and the challenges ahead.
• Think like a journalist or publisher and understand how their roles are changing.
• Understand how those changes have impacted on the PR profession.
• Identify which new media and influencers the PR industry should be talking to.


Communicating Online | Thursday 28 Jun | 14.00-17.30
Companies now utilise digital channels and social media to talk directly to their stakeholders. How has that changed the role of people working in communications? What digital tools and social media are best for reaching what kinds of people? What content engages what kinds of audiences? And what exactly is search engine optimisation? We’ll give you lots of tips and advice about communicating online.

After completing this session you should be able to:
• Understand the importance of original content creation.
• Develop a content strategy.
• Identify relevant channels for digital content.
• Develop your content creation and curation skills.


These lectures are presented by Chris Cooke, a business journalist, media entrepreneur and communications expert who has been writing about and advising on the media and content industries for over a decade. Chris provides training and consultancy via Media Insights, and is also a key trainer for the Taylor Bennett Foundation.